The Victory Condition Arcade

The Victory Condition Arcade presents a games festival celebrating the integration of games, design, art, and technology in collaboration with independent developers. Come participate in the multifaceted medium of games through design and play!

Sunday the 5th @ Puppet Labs
PIGSquad Meeting 7pm-10pm
Meet up with members of the Portland Indie Game Squad's game making community to see Portland's development scene in action and talk about indie game endeavors everywhere! Learn about events and opportunities in the area and play locally-made video, board, card, and live action games! If you are a game maker or are interested in becoming one, also come prepared to show off your projects, ask for help on projects, and see what others still have in the works.
This event is free and all ages; kids welcome. This is mainly a networking event – if you are interested in attending an event dedicated to play, visit the VC Arcade on Saturday, October 11th!

Saturday the 11th, 11am-3pm
Boardgame Designer's Workshop
Receive a crash course in the essentials of game design! Handouts will accompany a 90 minute lecture which covers core game design concepts, mathematical considerations, motivational strategies to engage players, and how user experience techniques may be applied to successfully playtest products.
After, participants are invited to choose from design materials such as blank cards and tiles, dice, tokens, and timers to start on the journey toward designing their own game with the advice and mentorship of local developers.

Saturday the 11th, 4pm-9pm
The Victory Condition Arcade
Come join us for the second installment of The Victory Condition Arcade. Support your local Portland game designers and programmers and see what’s on analog and digital game horizons! Game Lab Oregon will be running tabletop playtesting throughout the eventing as the Portland Indie Game Squad offers a curated collection of playable indie games in various stages of development. Snacks and drinks will be provided. Admission is free, and kids are welcome!

Event Organizer

Portland Indie Game Squad, Pixel Arts Game Education, Game Lab Oregon, and Robert LaCosse LLC

The Portland Indie Game Squad is a game developer community providing more game events, resources, and networking opportunities to Portland.

  • Sunday, October 05
    7:00 PM to 10:00 PM
  • Saturday, October 11
    11:00 AM to 3:00 PM
  • Saturday, October 11
    4:00 PM to 9:00 PM