An Office on Wheels: Rolling out an Alternative Build

Talk + Tour + Q&A with Designer Laurence Sarrazin

When asked by Coroflot to design an office inside a warehouse for their growing team, LOS OSOS suggested an office on wheels. With tiny homes as a starting point for the idea, the design studio built an alternative to the typical office retrofit. Complete with a custom furniture system the MWU's modularity and mobility reflect the changing nature of work and suggest a different approach to building spaces.

Now parked inside an old ambulance garage in downtown Portland the Mobile Work Unit is in use everyday, housing five workstations in 280 square feet.

“The money spent on the build-out isn’t permanently tied to the building or location. The space investment is mobile, liquid, in a way; it can go places, it can be sold if necessary.”

With this first prototype designed to work under a roof, LOS OSOS sees next MWU iterations fulfilling many other applications—roadworthy office, pop-up retail store, mobile classroom and of course, tiny home.

Dreamers, builders, entrepreneurs alike, come tour Coroflot's Mobile Work Unit and meet the team who worked on the project!

Grab a beer and join the project’s designer Laurence Sarrazin as she takes you behind the scenes for a look at the process behind designing and building an office on wheels and a tour of the structure.

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