Brand Building: The Creative Approach

Join Ellen Schmidt-Devlin (Founder, University of Oregon Sports Product Management Program; 27-year Nike Veteran) and Erin Galey (Founder, In The Flicker) for an engaging happy hour screening and talk, as they look under the hood at creating innovative brand films. Their groundbreaking webseries "What Is Sports Product Management?” has been featured by Complex Magazine, ESPN reporter Darren Rovell, and more.

About the Partnership:

When Erin moved from LA to Portland in 2013, she had no idea her path would lead her to craft world-class master's program trailers. Having just come off the festival circuit with her short "Sahasi Chori (Brave Girl)," Erin craved to work with sports product brands in the creative advertising space. When her path crossed with Ellen, she knew the stars had aligned.

No stranger to innovation, Ellen desired a TED talk-type video series, featuring highly regarded sports product industry leaders. Erin pitched the idea to also capture the breadth of the experience with immersive documentary-style portraits of product teams and their managers. From the footage they gathered, Ellen and Erin crafted 4 episodes that portrayed the product creation process across four brands - Nike, Adidas, KEEN, and Handful.

This series became the framework for continued content-based work in photography and brand films for UO SPM. As the worldwide leader in sports product education and research, it was essential for the SPM Program to stay creative and innovative, which was perfect fuel for Erin’s team.

Join Ellen & Erin as they discuss their creative process, their style of collaboration, the storytelling apporach (inspired by Ellen's years at Nike), and the inspiration behind their ambition. Find out how their creative approach to brand building helped make the UO SPM brand an industry leader while creating the industry at the same time.

Screening, Q&A, & Refreshments to follow.

  • Monday, April 24

    5:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Event Organizer

In The Flicker + UO Sports Product Management

In The Flicker is a brand-film focused video agency in PDX & LA. UO SPM is the Worldwide Leader in Sports Product Education & Research.