Design for Cities with Mapbox Studio

Design a map that matches your style and tells a story. Mapbox Studio is the designer's tool for creating custom maps for web & mobile apps. We'll cover the basics of Mapbox Studio and build a custom, interactive map with data from the City of Portland's Green Loop initiative.

This is a three-hour workshop where you will learn Mapbox Studio, an online application for creating custom web and mobile map applications. We'll cover:

  • Using Mapbox source data - OpenStreetMap, satellite imagery, and terrain data

  • Creating a custom style for your map

  • Adding custom data from the City of Portland to visualize the Green Loop as a design challenge

  • Learning the various ways to share your map on your site or as an interactive application

Participants are encouraged to bring a laptop that uses a modern web browser as well as sign up for a Mapbox account.