Designed to Belong: Creating a culture of trust and empathy as our city grows

Let’s face it. Portland keeps growing and tensions are on the rise.

Gentrification, competition, an influx of differing opinions and values are some of Portland’s growing pains. How do we handle them? Do we keep playing outworn games of tug o’ war? Or are there new opportunities for collaboration towards a city more beautiful and resonant for all?

I believe it’s the latter.

Join us for an action packed evening of live music, lecture, and experiential practice that will turn you on to:

• the cutting edge science of relationships, Interpersonal Neurobiology
• an elegant tool for transforming polarized values into resonant possibilities
• an innovative listening technique for building empathy and strengthening trust in all your personal, professional, and activist relationships.

Doors open at 6 pm.
Complimentary light snacks, beer & wine provided.
Workshop begins promptly at 6:15 pm and will last approximately 2 hours.

Dramatic Changes: The Center for Sound Relationships is a habitat for people seeking positive change in their personal, professional, and societal relationships through authentic engagement. This event is led by DC:CSR founder Anna Schaum, a licensed therapist, musician, and improv actress who moved to PDX from the east coast in 1991, and has performed viola with the Oregon Symphony and other NW professional ensembles for over 25 years.