Get an introduction to design and stitching a rugged & utilitarian custom Maker's Apron. In this workshop intensive, you will go home with an apron that you designed and made with your own two hands! Customize your apron (length, pockets, fabrics) to make it unique to your craft or field of work.

The Maker’s Apron is the perfect utilitarian item to complete your working wardrobe whether you spend your days painting, building, making, sewing, arranging flowers, cooking, setting up events, gardening, tattooing, throwing pots on a wheel —or you’re just someone who needs to keep their tools close and their clothing protected without compromising style + function. This apron features rugged duck canvas, waxed canvas, and fused denim complete with leather details and brass hardware. The full-length style features cross back straps hug you while wearing, making the apron feel secure.


- Design + Measurement techniques
- Home sewing machine 101
- Industrial sewing machine 101
- How to sew leather on an industrial walking foot sewing machine
- Sewing canvas & other heavy-weight fabric
- Setting grommets
- Setting hardware, such as brass rivets
- Finishing raw edges of canvas
- How to sew with heavy-weight fabrics
- Sewing pockets