Displaced Workshop: Explore Design Through Empathy

This event is an opportunity to experience, empathize, and explore design-based solutions to the real world refugee crisis. You’ll participate in the 45-minute displacement simulation, leaving behind your home, homeland, and loved ones in the face of violent conflict. Afterward, discuss how design can improve a refugee's challenging experience by reflecting on your simulated one, and then review, re-imagine, or refine this Mercy Corps-produced simulation as a digital experience. If you want to better understand the refugee crisis and their experiences, or seek an outlet to use your skills for good, join us.

Registration will end Thursday morning and space is limited. So get your tickets early!

Starting with the participatory workshop Displaced, Mercy Corps’s refugee simulation, you will spend an hour inhabiting the life of a refugee through hands-on activities that help gain insights into the reasons why refugees flee and the challenges they encounter along the way. Lively discussion will follow, exploring everyone’s response to the simulation as well as the role human-centered design can play in aiding those forced to flee their homes. Finally, we’ll facilitate small collaborative groups so you can lend your design expertise to translate and adapt the live-action simulation into a digital, online experience.