Endurant Design

Resilience is a term being increasingly used in architecture and urban planning to describe the durability, adaptability, and flexibility designed into spaces as a way to proactively prepare for an unknown future that may include climate volatility and the high probability of a large magnitude earthquake striking the region within the next fifty years. What role(s) can design play in resilience? How can designers join in with other concerned citizens to build greater resiliency into our homes, businesses, and neighborhoods?

SERA Architects invites you to visit our office in Old Town Portland for an evening of discussion and active visioning around resilience as a design goal. SERA will display some of its past projects in an open house format that have incorporated aspects of resiliency as a central design goal. From there, we will springboard into an active workshop that will use break-out groups to identify opportunities and challenges in Portland at the scales of interiors, buildings, and neighborhoods. Allied lines of thought including civic ecology, biophilic design, and regenerative design will be introduced into the discussions to see how they might also contribute to our exploration of resilience.

The resulting ideas, questions, sketches, and speculations will then be folded into an online resource made available to the public. This is an opportunity for designers and the general public to come inside SERA to see what we’re up to, engage with the community, and learn how we can all enhance our skillsets with an eye to the future.