Explanatory Videos: A Mini Film Festival

Traditional narratives often fail to capture the larger systems and processes that underlie events in the news. These drivers are often complicated and dry, but visual explanations can help make them accessible, even fun. By combining motion design, data visualization, and good old fashioned reporting, the best explainer videos get to the heart of events and give a new lens on the world.

We will bring together local and national explainer video producers, with an emphasis in journalism and storytelling. If you are (or aspire to be) working in a career in the field of video explainers, this event is for you.

Presenters Include:

· Kirby Ferguson, "Everything is a Remix" and "This is Not a Conspiracy Theory"
· Estelle Caswell, Vox Media
· MacGregor Campbell, Oregon Public Broadcasting
· Teresa Mahoney, The Oregonian
· Jamal Qutub, Nimpsy Studio
· John Pavlus, freelance writer and filmmaker

Tentative Schedule:
7:00 - 8:30pm Screenings and Discussion
8:30-9:00pm Reception/Networking