Following the Mid-century Masters: Art, Design and Technology to Create New Forms

In the early part of the 20th century, artists and designers discovered access to technology (photography, film, television and print) that was unprecedented in history. This democratization of the means of reproduction and broadcast was ripe for exploitation, reinterpretation, and reconstruction. Collaboration exploded in new forms of art, by fine artists, scientists and technologists. Artists such as Man Ray, the Constructivists, Andy Warhol and even Marcel Duchamp moved beyond obvious and clichéd ideas to produce ground-breaking works and genre-challenging new mediums. Success was achieved by applying classical training, rigour of process, and artistic discipline to new forms. 100 years later, we find ourselves on the edge of another technological revolution. Artists, designers, and storytellers flirt with ways to present ideas and visions in ways not previously achievable. Moving forward, the successful practitioner will create partnerships with programmers and scientists, and will apply the same dedication to classical techniques and process in their exploration and execution.

This event will start with a presentation on the parallels to be drawn from the two timeframes, followed by a panel discussion on the topic by several well-known Portland artists and technologists.

Keith Lay - Business Development Manager, 9iFX (Presenter & Moderator)
Alan O’Connor - Director, Product Design, New Relic
Oren Haskins - Concept Artist at Daydream, Google
Stephanie Mendoza - Virtual Reality Artist/Developer, Portland Immersive Media Group

  • Monday, April 16

    5:30 PM to 7:00 PM
Event Organizer

New Relic and 9iFX

New Relic helps thousands of customers consistently improve their software performance. 9iFX produces 3D animation & VFX for film and TV.