From Cubicles to Campuses

Field Office, the latest from Portland developer Project^, is an exciting urban campus opening in Portland's new Frontside district. At 300,000 square-feet spanning two buildings, Field Office will be one of the largest office projects in town. Join Tom Cody of Project^ for a 20-minute presentation as we discuss the vision behind Field Office’s unique design and answer how architects and developers are purpose-building the next generation of office space. Get the inside scoop on the process and execution of an urban space through the lens of the first tenant, Adpearance, one of Oregon's fastest-growing companies who required an inspiring, efficient, and flexible workspace for their technology-focused marketing and sales company.

Featuring bold architecture and indoor-outdoor design concept, every plane of Field Office’s two oddly shaped buildings feature a plaza-level park; green balconies on every level; third-floor trees; and, six stories up, a massive rooftop skypark. Whereas previous generations would take an existing space and adapt it—polish the concrete floor and throw a Ping-Pong table in the corner—Project^ sought to create a collaborative creative space in Field Office, one that fosters the campus feeling of larger companies, but exists for multiple companies and retailers.

Following the presentations, take a guided tour through the completed Field Office and end back at Adpearance's office for their annual Open House and party.