from oh fuck, to fuck ya! -- a creatives guide to actually making money

Business finance is not as scary as creatives are often lead to believe, and even more, understanding how money flows in and out is absolutely NECESSARY to be a successful business.

This 2-hour class will touch on pricing, revenue, margins, expenses, and profit. Ya, maybe that sounds dry, but we can promise you, that once you understand how all of these elements work together in your business, you get to do the REALLY. COOL. SHIT -- like strategize WHO you want to work with, HOW you want to grow your business, and WHERE you're going on your next vacation from this year's bonus (hello, Hawaii!).

Creatives of all levels will walk away with useful information to immediately implement in your business.

  • Thursday, April 11

    6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Event Organizer


Homeroom's sole mission is to break the association between ARTIST and STARVING -- business classes, consultation, and community support.