How To Start A Clothing Brand

Take note, budding clothing designers eager to enter the world of independent design: There is no need to go it alone when others are there to share their experiences.

Jason Calderon, designer of West Daily’s modern men’s and women’s wear, shares his wealth of experience in a free class at The Cleaners at Ace Hotel. Calderon has worked on basketball apparel for Adidas, has taught at the Portland Fashion Institute and in the Apparel Department at the Art Institute, and presented lauded West Daily collections at shows like Fade to Light while also picking up a PFSA award for Best Emerging Designer.

This presentation will touch on topics including; creating unique concepts, sourcing materials, selling online, promoting your product at tradeshows & fashion shows, getting your designs into stores, and more. Plus, attendees will receive a free shirt pattern and other useful giveaways (limited supply).