HQ: Assembling a Mosaic – The Portland Green Loop Exhibit

The Green Loop is a proposed six-mile linear park, linking Portland's east and west sides with a robust bicycle and pedestrian network. More than just a path, it’s a means of connection – to people, place, and public life. Its development is a powerful opportunity to think critically about what our city stands for and propose a model that champions engagement, develops a sense of individual empowerment among residents, and promotes the creation of a shared vision through civic involvement.

The concept for the Green Loop put forth by Untitled Studio, The Portland Mosaic, proposes a design process whereby Portlanders define the character and identity of the project in a way that reflects their individual needs and aspirations for the future. Descriptive rather than prescriptive, this concept for the loop is a framework to be filled through collaborative efforts – a massive mosaic for which every Portland resident has a tile. It will only be complete with your personal investment and your participation. This exhibition is an invitation to join us in imagining a Green Loop that is diverse yet unified and enacted on by many scales of community.