HQ: How We Got Here: The Evolution of Portland Planning

Portland has an international reputation for its progressive urban planning, but these bold visions - and the city’s recent explosive growth - are not without their costs. At a critical moment in Portland’s history, we investigate the city’s greatest successes as well as its notable failings. Come join a panel of scholars, curators, and architects, as we debate Portland’s recent past from the '80s with an eye toward the future, seeking answers to the questions: where have we been, and how did we get here?

Panel featuring:
Joe Zehnder, Chief Planner, City of Portland
Elissa Gertler, Planning Director, Metro
Sy Adler, Professor of Urban Studies and Planning, Portland State University
Victoria Frey, Executive Director, PICA
Paddy Tillet, Principal, ZGF

Moderated by:
Sarah Iannarone, Associate Director, First Stop Portland