HQ: Making the Place: Branding Strategies for Public Space

In this workshop, we will discuss brand and the role it plays in creating sense of place. We will explore connection points between brand, experience design and placemaking to uncover answers to questions like:
What does "brand" have to do with "placemaking"?
How can we use brand to create richer experiences that connect with people in a meaningful way?
What are the building blocks for creating a successful brand, and thus, a successful experience and sense of place?
How can we make "brand" actionable?

We plan to use the Green Loop as an example and leave participants with tools they need to enliven their own brand.

Emily Buccholtz is a Portland based Strategist with over 10 years experience positioning, developing and activating brands. She believes great brands have the power and responsibility to positively impact our world - and when built and executed well, they do just that. She is most interested in the role brand can play in bringing people together to create culture and sense of place. She is currently a Brand Strategy Director at FINE.