Humanist and Regional Approaches to Healthy Housing and Places

Constructive Form is hosting an open house, and talk entitled Healthy Housing and Places. The interactive talk will include a presentation of vibrantly built and conceptual projects in the Portland Metro area and beyond, discussion of current and upcoming changes to the City of Portland planning and zoning codes, and on the ground developments.

We look forward to hosting you in our architecture and design studio, located in the former Edris Morrison Photography Studio, a 1940's Pietro Belluschi-designed building, overlooking a unique, glass-fronted courtyard. Designers, students, professionals, and environmentalists, you’re invited to see our project displays, including ADUS, homes, restaurants, wineries, and housing.


Constructive Form Architecture and Design LLC, based in Portland, Oregon, was founded in 2006 by Brent Hinrichs, Simone Goldfeder and Kina Voelz.

Common to every project is an open and collaborative design process; working with clients, consultants, and contractors as partners in a common endeavor, from conceptual design to the finished product.

We believe people benefit from a connection to the natural world, and the natural world benefits when people consider it. Following this point, every Constructive Form project, whether in an urban high-rise, forest or field, seeks to blur the line between interior and exterior space, and draws on the many elemental characteristics and experiential qualities of a place: light, color, seasons, climate, topography, natural and transformed landscapes.