Let's Talk Transparency

Who wants to know what’s in their food, their clothes, their buildings? This Pecha Kucha style event gathers diverse voices in industries that address material transparency in their work. From fashion, to food, to buildings, we will hear from industry leaders about their supply chain processes, to end products and how they implement material transparency into everyday practices. The cross pollination of major industries in Portland will fuel a lively conversation highlighting health impact from the stuff that is our material world.

We will Hear From:
FASHION| Britt Howard @ Portland Garment Factory
FOOD| Camas Davis @ Portland Meat Collective
CHEMISTRY| Amelia Nestler @ Northwest Green Chemistry
POLICY| Jordan Palmeri @ DEQ
ARCHITECTURE| Lona Rerick- Sustainable Materials Leader @ ZGF
APPAREL | Aaron Altshuler @Patagonia
CERTIFICATIONS| Jeff Frost @Bright Works- Mindful Materials
FURNITURE| Greg Kooistra @ Watson Furniture
MANUFACTURER| Tom Conway @ PatCraft
ELECTRONICS | John Ashcraft @ Free Geek
MC| Jackie Santa Lucia @ Hacker
MC| Terry Campbell @ Sustainable Northwest Wood