Ontologically Oriented Objects with Parsons & Charlesworth

Can an existing, mass-produced object be transformed in a week into a mysterious new thing? Leading up to this lecture by artists and designers Tim Parsons and Jessica Charlesworth, the School of Architecture at Portland State University will hold a week-long design competition, where several teams of students will be given the same object and asked to transform it into something else entirely. These Mysterons, or mysterious things, will be displayed and critiqued by Parsons and Charlesworth, who create work that reflects upon the current and future state of our designed culture. Following this public critique of the Mysterons, Parsons and Charlesworth will give a public lecture at Shattuck Hall Annex.

About Parsons & Charlesworth:

Working across a variety of media, Parsons & Charlesworth create objects, exhibits, texts, and images that encourage reflection upon the current and future state of our designed culture. Considering objects as agents of change, the studio explores new typologies and prototypes alternate ways of living, often using narrative and speculation to propose scenarios that comment on contemporary issues.

Founded by designers Tim Parsons and Jessica Charlesworth as a formal art and design studio in 2014, after years of informal collaboration, Parsons & Charlesworth became the grounding place to explore how object design can play a greater cultural role in the exploration of subjects such as climate change, personal survival, and happiness.