PDX Airport Bench Re-Design: Open House and Auction

If you didn't catch Portland International Airport’s repurposed mid-century benches at the Opening Party, now's the time to lay your eyes on these beauties. The benches were forgotten in a industrial warehouse shortly after the carpet removal. However, given a second chance PDXoriginals took a fresh spin on a piece of Portland’s history and created their own version of the bench. Now with the collaboration of local designers and students each design team will create their own rendition of the airport chair and present them at opening night for DWP.

PDXoriginals will host an open house and warehouse party Friday the 20th, where you’ll be able to meet the team behind the project, or just take a nostalgic airport nap. At a later date you’ll be invited to an online public auction for your chance to own one of a kind, collaborative seats, with the proceeds benefiting New Avenues for Youth.

Join us to see the finished redesign of the benches that have seated millions of Portland’s finest butts.

Collaborators Sign-Up Deadline March 5th @ 6pm (sign-up and info at www.PDXoriginals.com/DWP18)

This is for the aspiring or professional furniture designer inside us all.

Collaboration design teams will be announced the first week of March on our website and instagram @PDX_originals

Opening Night Preview: 4/14
PDXoriginals Open (ware)house: 4/20 1pm-6pm
PDXoriginals Warehouse Party: 4/20 6pm-9pm

What’s so special about the PDX chair? These American-made, Chromcraft Airport benches resided in PDX Airport for over 30 years. They've seen a lot of butts, likely more than any seat in Portland. Modular and stylish, these timeless chairs represent decades of memories.

We've given teams around the city a chance to redesign a piece of Portland history to go on display at DWP Opening Night and the PDXoriginals open house in SE Portland on 4/20, later to be auctioned off for New Avenues for Youth.

Please visit us online for more information on how to sign-up and enter your design for a chance to have it made for DWP Opening Night.