Place-Based Making: NW Vernacular Design

Does the Pacific Northwest have its own language of design? What traditions, native materials, or distinct aspects of the environment shape the choices made by contemporary craftsmen, designers and architects? Beyond surface-level style and aesthetic, are there common threads that demonstrate a connection between makers of this region, and the landscape they live in? Join us for a discussion on the topic of NW Vernacular in Craft & Design, hosted by WildCraft Studio School, moderated by writer and curator, Namita Wiggers.

Panelists include:

Founding Partners, Fieldwork Design & Architecture

Ben Klebba, owner Phloem Studio

Jocelyn Rahm, co-owner Beam & Anchor

Daniel Duford, artist & Reed College Professor

Chelsea Heffner, Executive Director WildCraft Studio School

"In a time where inspiration can be taken from sources and cultures across the globe, materials can be sourced and shipped from remote locations with ease, is it beyond reason to imagine that PLACE still has an impact on the products of design, and the processes of those designers? Does the Northwest- its Native traditions, the terrain and climate, what grows or doesn't, its traditions of manufacture- do these elements exact an influence on the makers of the region? I'm curious to gather a group of artists, craftsmen, designers, and architects to share their experiences and perspectives on the idea of NW Vernacular Craft & Design." - Chelsea Heffner, event organizer and Executive Director of WildCraft Studio School

  • Wednesday, April 26

    7:00 PM to 8:30 PM
Event Organizer

WildCraft Studio School & Fieldwork Design

WildCraft offers workshops in contemporary craft skills, Native art, design and textile arts, with studios in Portland, and The Gorge.