Place as a Platform for Living: An Experimental Design Challenge

The Portland Design Week community is invited to engage in a workshop to address the homelessness epidemic before our eyes, and to use the extraordinary creative talent that exists here to Reimagine Homelessness. We will explore how the Platform Design Toolkit can be used to discover and create a platform for transforming the ecosystem and experiences of homelessness, street living, poverty, regulatory frameworks, environments, mental health, physical health, living spaces, architecture and building, community spaces, living tools, essential human necessities, and the quality of life for everyone in the city, and throughout the region.

What is possible when the creative minds of Portland begin to imagine new ways of seeing, thinking, being, and acting, in relation to homelesness and homefulness? This is an experimental conversation of the Creative Community in Portland (if you're reading this, this means you), to begin to understand homelessness and homefulness in a new way, and to imagine new possibilities.

In this interactive workshop we will apply the Platform Design Toolkit as an experimental tool to visualize the ecosystem of homelessness, as we seek to discover new insights about the experience, the context, the resources, and the realities of the ecosystem, and identify spaces for creating new possibilities. The Design Platform Toolkit is originally created as an open-source, evolutionary, tool for Service Design and Business Modelling. Our experiment will apply this same tool to the context of Place as a Platform for Living.

Homelessness is a growing epidemic upon the lives of those who experience it, and woven into the fabric of life here, impacting everyone. It is a tangible expression of the failure of pre-existing cultural and social constructs. This workshop is a small first step to address the impacts of an exponential rate of change in our individual and collective lives, the impacts this rate of change has on our finite world, and it is a first step toward creating new possibilities for homefullness, wholeness in human experiences, and abundant living in this place.

What can be discovered and created by re-imagining homelessness? What will come out of this experiment? What is possible? What opportunities can our new insights create? You are invited to participate, to begin to see and imagine new possibilities, with fresh and different eyes. Your creative brilliance is what we need, it is what this community needs, it is what this region needs, it is what this world needs, it is what this universe needs.... Please bring it.