Real, Meaningful, Connections

Ruby’s design and technology team build digital products that help us, and our customers, make real, meaningful connections in an increasingly automated world. Entrepreneurs, designers, and people in the technology industry are invited to learn about Ruby's focus on exceptional customer experience and how you can use our design methods in your own work. We’ll share practical examples of how to incorporate design sprints into your process and how using them within a service design framework keeps people at the center of what you do.

Do you love the idea of radical collaboration? If you answered yes then you'll love how Ruby uses service design and design sprints to keep Rubys and customers at the center of our products and services. Instead of a presentation we're going to take the entire audience through a week long design sprint in just one hour! In preparation there will be beverages, snacks, tours, pictures in our photo booth, music, and a view of downtown, all in preparation for our session where audience participation will be the name of the game.