Resilient Infrastructures and Just Cities: Integrated Design for the 21st Century

Cities like Portland are confronted with the need to invest hundreds of millions of dollars to upgrade water and other infrastructures, this in a time of climate change and hydrological regimes that are transforming. Convening experts in architecture, urban design, landscape architecture, engineering, and finance, this panel event will explore the intersection of design, resilient infrastructure, and equity. The structure will involve short talks by four experts representing different disciplines followed by a panel and Q&A session.

Our guest speakers include:

Crystal Grinnell - Water Resources Engineer and Landscape Architect at Biohabitats, Inc. - Portland, OR

David Cook - Architect and co-founder of haascookzemmrich STUDIO2050 - Stuttgart, Germany

Joe Payne - Project Manager at Puttman Infrastructure, Inc. - Portland, OR

Rhys Roth - Director of Center for Sustainable Infrastructure at The Evergreen State College - Olympia, WA

This event is an extension of HOPES[24], a conference on sustainability and design at the University of Oregon. This year’s theme, Unbuilt, aims to deconstruct the preconceived, voice the unheard, and find potential in challenging the norm.

For more information about this event and the HOPES [24] conference please visit