State of Wonder - Buildings Full of Women

While working on a story about why so few new buildings in Portland seem willing to spare a dime on designing outside the box, we interviewed an architect who mentioned that he’d never once been asked to design a building with women in mind. Almost exclusively, the developers he’s worked with cater to the needs of young, professional male residents. This got us thinking:, what would it look like to design buildings and spaces for women? We will take an intersectional approach, exploring how architecture could also be more inclusive to people of color, those with disabilities, gender non-conforming people, the elderly, and other marginalized groups. Professionals will be inspired to think in more elastic ways about the built environment, and integrate a sense of agency in their interactions with architectural design and planning.

Guests include:
Anyeleh Hallová, partner, project^
Amy Donohue, principal, Bora Architects
Alicia McVey, Chief Creative Officer, Swift Agency
Maren Elliott, Chief Talent Officer, Swift Agency
Marilyn Andersen, Principal Broker, Hoyt Street Properties
Rose Ojeda, Director of Housing Development, Hacienda CDC
Also a few words with our host, Michelle Battista, co-founder, Nightwood Society

  • Tuesday, April 17

    6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Event Organizer

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