Story-Listening Before Storytelling: Powerful Data Visualization Techniques

Stories surround us: in conversations, on TV, in social media, in music and novels and texts and ads. Data visualization is a particularly powerful form of storytelling, letting you tell a deeply engaging story based on observable facts. Better yet, data visualization can quickly express nuanced insights on the densest of topics. But before we can start calling ourselves storytellers, we need to listen to the data. We need to become storylisteners.

Join Justin Wade (data analyst) and Spencer Foxworth (writer) as we explore making data central to your stories. We’ll discuss story-listening and storytelling. We’ll share practical data-visualization techniques that analysts, designers, strategists and writers alike can use immediately. Maybe we’ll even make you a better (data) listener.

**Doors open at 5:30pm - Discussion starts at 6:00pm**