Sustainable Designer's Toolbox

Interested in systems thinking? Sustainability and design? Innovation tools and processes? In this workshop, we’ll give a sneak peak into a sustainability-focused designer’s toolbox. We’ll discuss frameworks, tools, and mental models deployed to integrate deeper thinking for positive impact. We’ll look at carbon footprints and play with activities used to reduce waste, create value, and innovate.

As designers, we see the world in unique ways, dream up creative ideas, and execute interesting solutions. How might we use these powers to make things in more sustainable ways? How do we engage in a design career that reduces the negative impacts people have on the planet and increases the positive impacts?

This workshop will be co-facilitated by the Director and alumni of MCAD’s Master of Arts in Sustainable Design program (MASD, fully online), the first accredited program of its kind, which curates a learning experience that helps designers become better creative problem solvers, better researchers, and more responsible makers.