The Alchemy of Wasted Time

With our smart cars, artificial intelligences, and hand-held communication devices, we are already living in a science fiction future. This important juncture in our technologic and social evolution requires focus and acumen and something else: poetry, imagination, and daydreaming. The Alchemy of Wasted Time presents a way for us - the makers and thinkers of the science fiction present - to organize our activities so as to include healthy portions of daydreaming and imaginative play. Creating and maintaining a solid dream/work balance will ensure that our emerging machine environments are centered on us, and not us on them.

This event features an engaging presentation of the Alchemy of Wasted Time platform and how one can incorporate pondering, playing, and daydreaming into one's daily practice. Our beautiful NW Portland Studio will be converted into an Alchemy of Wasted Time exploratorium complete with an inspirational ponder room, impromptu brainstorming sessions, and a multi-sensual mixed reality daydream experience. And cocktails.

  • Thursday, April 19

    6:30 PM to 9:00 PM
Event Organizer


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