HQ: w(HERE) we are: Creative People of Color & LGBTQ

Even with great achievements in communication and technology, as human beings we still dance with a veil around diversity and inclusion. Diversity is about cultivating work environments and creative communities in which a range of perspectives thrives and innovative ideas are born and grow.

w(HERE) we are is a new collective of designers, illustrators and creatives who are POC (people of color) and LGBTQ+. We want to remove the veil here in Portland. This event is specifically for POC and LGBTQ+ folks who wish to take action on the questions: “Where are the designers, illustrators and creatives that are people of color and the LGBTQ+ in Portland?" and "How can we increase our visibility and impact?" With the aid of a few featured creatives, join us in this special session which aims to move beyond a discussion about the lack of diversity in the creative industries, and become part of a movement to showcase and grow the visibility and impact of creatives of color (COC) and LGBTQ+ creatives working in Portland today. Come be part of the movement!

Registration is free, but there is a $7 suggested donation