Adam R. Garcia is in equal turns a designer, illustrator, spelling bee ace, and self-proclaimed dungeon master. You can find him working as an Associate Creative Director at Instrument, or as the owner of The Pressure, a multidisciplinary creative studio.

DWP: You’re involved in the festival in a whole bunch of ways. What are all the things you’re up to?

Adam: Well, first off, I'm hosting a talk show / variety show on April 20th at Instrument, which will be pretty dang dope. Also a part of an aesthetics of album art panel through Tender Loving Empire, a charity auction called "Home Comforts" in which I'll be teaming with Matthew Phillip Williams to make something special, and probably wiggling on afterparty dance floors.

DWP: You recently went in-house at Instrument after a long stint of working independently. What are you most excited about in your new role?

Adam: That's true. Well, I'm still doing a lot of personal work, but the new role at Instrument I took for the challenge. To be in a creative director role not only at a digital agency (which I'd never done), but in a content creation studio is such a dope opportunity. It really has a phenomenal culture, and it's nice working with like 190 people that are really smart, kind, and fucking great at what they do. Plus, they let me throw talk shows. <3

DWP: What's your favorite spot in Portland for creative inspiration and why?

Adam: Powell's. It's an epicenter of inspiration. Wandering through aisles I've never been down and grabbing random books off the shelves has literally changed my life, sending me down paths of interests I didn't know I had and synthesizing ideas that could never have happened otherwise. Also, it helps me remember what a great city Portland is, amid the tourists, and imagining all the reasons that they are drawn here like out-of-town moths to a rainy flame.

The Pressure is Good For You, A Talk Show: Event Details

Where: Instrument, 3529 N. Williams
When: Friday, April 20, 6:00 PM
Host: Adam R. Garcia and Instrument
Cost: $10

Visit the event page to register.

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