Cre8path is an afternoon event for high school students (and their parents) who want to explore creative careers and college programs, helping them to envision a potential path to success. Cre8path is produced by the team behind the Portland Creative Conference (Cre8con).

Attendees will hear presentations by four Portland-area creative professionals. Speakers will talk about their journey from high school to a successful creative career, including college. After the presentations, there will be a mini-college fair consisting of representatives from several regional college degree programs related to creative careers who can answer questions about pursuing creative studies. Visit the event page for speaker and college program details.

In this Q&A Steve Gehlen, Chairman of the Portland Creative Conference, provides a little more detail about the event.

DWP: There is an exciting lineup of speakers for the Cre8path event. What are you hoping high school students will take away from these talks?

Steve: At our main event in the Fall, the Portland Creative Conference, the primary deliverables for our audience of creative professionals are inspiration, motivation, and ideation. This works because of our speaker selection process, the variety of creative industries represented, and how we coach the speakers to talk about their creative process. We think we can take similarly high-caliber speakers, change some things for a different audience (high school students) and end up with similar deliverables, with the goal being to have the students walk away inspired and motivated to pursue their dream career in creative industries. We want them to visualize and believe in their own path from high school to college to a successful creative career.

DWP: Who are you hoping to reach through this event?

Steve: High school students who are considering creative studies and creative careers. We also want the parents in the audience to feel comfortable that a creative career is a viable option for their son/daughter. We've heard from various high school teachers and college admissions professionals that this is a real barrier.

DWP: Could you tell us a little about the college programs attending Cre8path, and what students can expect from that portion of the event?

Steve: There are so many great creative studies programs in the region and we wanted to give the high school students and their parents a chance to interact with representatives from those programs, ask questions, etc. As with the speaker selection, we wanted a variety of creative programs represented including graphic design, fashion design, interior design, film, music, theater, etc.

DWP: Are there other Design Week programs you are looking forward to?

Steve: I am looking forward to the other Design Week event from the Portland Creative Conference team, called Cre8camp. It is an attendee-driven, networking-focused, unconference-type of event that is also happening on Saturday, April 21st. I'll be attending Cre8camp in the morning and Cre8path in the afternoon.

Event Details

Where: Ziba Design Auditorium, 810 NW Marshall St
When: Saturday, April 21, 2:00 PM to 4:30 PM
Organizer: Portland Creative Conference
Cost: $10 for students, $20 for parents/teachers

Visit the event page to register.