Sunday: Start your day with an informative hike through the significantly restored Sandy River Delta at Restorative Design: The Confluence Bird Blind by Maya Lin, to discuss using design as a means to greater ecological awareness. In the afternoon, hear from experts about the roles design and engineering play in upgrading costly city infrastructures during a time of climate change in Resilient Infrastructures, Restorative Design, a panel and Q&A hosted by UO.

Monday: Participate in an experimental design challenge, Place as a Platform for Living, that questions what is possible when the creative minds of Portland begin to imagine new ways of seeing, thinking, being, and acting in relation to homelessness and homefulness.

Tuesday: Get the inside scoop on the happenings inside a 300,000-square-foot space featuring a plaza-level park, green balconies on every level, third-floor trees, and, six stories up, a massive rooftop skypark at From Cubicles to Campuses. Join How Sustainability Powers High Performance, a panel exploring how high performing, sustainable design enriches lives by promoting individual health and well-being, workforce productivity and economic resilience.

Wednesday: Learn how stepping outside of traditional media empowered a whole new audience at Bumble Hive: Bringing an App to Life in Brick and Mortar. At Designing for Better Health, Energy and Flow, you'll hear from a panel discussing the necessary evolution of beautiful workplaces into those that equally prioritize employee health and happiness.

Thursday: Primary Sources: Salvaged, Found, and Antique Objects in Interior Design touches upon aspects of design that pertain to both contemporary and historical settings, while The State of Trust in the Pacific Northwest takes a theatrical approach to exploring the basis of building trust.

Friday: Meet alumni of the MCAD MA in Sustainable Design at Sustainable Design Tools, Toils, and Tales, and learn how they’re working to integrate sustainable thinking and design practices. Or stop by Open Houses at Works Progress Architecture and Holst Architecture, as well as Open Studio Collective, a woman-owned design studio that works across architecture, interior, and graphic design.

Saturday: Explore the history of Portland’s urban landscape to better understand our city’s evolution by joining a Portland Design and History Walking Tour, which highlights design’s relationship with equity and social justice. Or guide yourself through some of the best residential architecture in Northern Oregon at 2018 AIA Portland Homes Tour.

For more suggested events and open houses, check out the full architecture itinerary, or sign up for a Design Week account to create your own personalized itinerary.