Carrie Taylor is the Community Engagement Coordinator for Pro Photo Supply, a photo store located in NW Portland. They operate out of a brick and mortar, providing a professional lab for prints, a fully stocked rental department, new & used camera + equipment selection, as well as an event center for hosting lectures, classes, meetings, and more.

Pro Photo Supply assists the community in the pursuit of art, the craft, the profession, and the joy of still and motion photography. They're the real deal when it comes to community support and sponsor many thriving organizations, including Design Week Portland.

Interested in DWP from a Carrie's perspective? Check out her full itinerary here and read below for a rundown on some events and open houses she's excited to attend.


Telling Your Story in a Visual World
Yes for our friend’s Wacom & visual effects agency 9iFX! As social media continues to harness a photographic presence, we hope to learn all the tips and techniques used to create compelling visual stories in video and animation.

PDX Creative Women Unite
I don’t need any excuse to surround myself with strong, creative ladies.

Bumble Hive: Bringing an App to Life in Brick and Mortar
Located at one of our fav photo studios — Photon— we look forward to a discussion between members of Bumble’s marketing and design team, and Manifold’s creative team, offering strategy, ideation & execution on experiences that engage, delight, captivate & inspire.

Hang in There – Cat Cafe, Nemo Design
So much talent in this multidisciplinary team.

Creativity Through Collaboration, Swanson Studio
We heart Swanson Studio and look forward to joining them in an exploration of the relationship between creative partnerships and fueling your own inspiration.

Open Houses:

The Freshwater Trust Headquarters
We’re so proud of our partners for protecting and restoring our surrounding rivers, which involves redesigning rivers to function more naturally.

Polara Studio
Our hats are off to Polara — commercial photo and video studio.

Charles Purvis / MICX Studio
MICX Studio offers designers and architects a resource to procure art for commercial and residential spaces.