Your best bet for sips, snacks, and socializing may be to make the rounds at the open houses from 4:00–7:00pm on Tuesday, April 17th through Friday, April 20th. We’ve pulled out some open house highlights below, followed by some of our top event picks.

Can’t get enough kombucha? R/GA Portland, roboboogie, Phase2 are promising to have it on tap. At ZENVANZ you’ll learn about urban camping, while sipping on specialty cocktails from Olympia Provisions. Think Joule is promising bubbles, bites, and birthday cake at their 10th birthday celebration. You’ll find no shortage of beer at open houses hosted by Pollinate, Hinge, Flat Blak Gallery, and Skylab Architecture. The Nightwood is a woman owned and ran culinary venture, offering snacks and refreshments. Snack on cheese at Unexplored, Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage, and 9iFX. We’re also intrigued by what sounds like snack roulette at Smith & Connors; they might have margaritas, homemade snacks, chocolate, and/or cupcakes.

Lounge @ 811
Friday, April 20, 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Hosted by: Works Progress Architecture

811 Stark is the home of Works Progress Architecture, Uncorked Studios, Danwei Canting, and PushxPull; designers of architecture, user experience, coffee and fine dining. Partnering with the Good Mod, the garage of their building will be zoned and furnished to function as a house. You can expect to enjoy home-style Chinese dining at a long family-style table, lounge, drink and discuss the forces which shape the design world, participate in the creation of an installation or play a game of ping pong.

Exploring the Pivot
Sunday, April 15, 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Organized by: The Nightwood Society

A free-flowing event where talented women (a chef, bartender, painter, and installation artist) come together and explore creating one complete sensory event experience, made up of unique parts. Come explore what happens when skill, talent, and confidence meet a new canvas, and think about your creative process and how to work through those moments when you get stuck. Cocktail and snacks are included.

Designing the New Normal
Wednesday, April 18, 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM

Organized by: Tony’s Chocolonely

Hear Tony’s Chocolonely’s story about cocoa, a Dutch journalist, and how a small chocolate brand is going against the grain to design the new normal. They lead by example, producing chocolate to make 100% slave-free chocolate the norm. You’ll walk away with knowledge about the cocoa industry, ethical practices, and two free chocolate bars.

For more, check out our full itinerary of suggested events for the hungry or thirsty Design Week attendee.