Jordan Hoagbin is a first-generation Vietnamese-American designer working at Nike North America Brand Design.

We asked Jordan to share his personal Design Week Portland itinerary favorites with us. Read on to learn more about Jordan and his work in this short interview!

DWP: Could you tell us a little about the work you do at Nike as a Brand Designer?

Jordan: As a Brand Designer, I help craft a vision of how Nike appears in North America. The work spans from visuals and experiences to content creation and strategy. One week I'm designing a graphic system for high school basketball tournaments, another I could be directing a photoshoot for a product launch, and the next I’m building out a rave in an empty subway station. It’s a unique role in that it’s incredibly general and defined by whatever we can imagine to be relevant, localized, and forward-thinking.

DWP: What events are you most looking forward to during Design Week, and why?

Jordan: Having grown up in Portland, I’m most interested in hearing the dialogue on how design is shaping the city, culturally and physically. How is the community going to talk about development/urban landscape and simultaneously about homelessness/minority narratives, and allyship? Are they being treated exclusively/where do they intersect? What actions are we taking to make these considerations mutually beneficial for a growing and changing Portland?

DWP: What's your favorite spot in Portland for creative inspiration?

Jordan: Oddly enough, one of my favorite places is at work, more specifically the Nike Blue Ribbon Studio. It’s an employee maker space with machines, materials, and workshops to encourage craft, open experimentation, and learning. Creative space and freedom is key for me to stay inspired and motivated. I find myself coming in on the weekend to pull something to read from the curated library of fashion magazines and design books, or just to use the space to work, draw, collage, make prints, and play.

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