Rebecca Gates is an independent musician, designer, and artist/curator. She has released five albums, toured extensively, and listened to Marfa, Manhattan, the Steens, and many places in-between.

Rebecca is curating and moderating From a Whisper to Machines, on Wednesday, April 18th. Presentations will focus on voice and how it shifts perception and reality. There will also an experiential component, Sonic Arcade, created by Rebecca and fellow panelist Laura Allcorn, creative director and founder of the Institute for Comedic Inquiry. This will be a unique opportunity to consider how voice, sound and design intersect, and may be of particular interest to visual designers who are hoping to use Design Week to broaden their perspective.

Rebecca was recently interviewed in a four-part Design Week Portland series by Chris Martin for the Getting Work to Work podcast. They discuss sound as it pertains to cities, AI, social media, community, as well as her Design Week itinerary and event. You can hear her full episode here, but here's a snippet of what she had to say regarding what folks can take away from Design Week.

"Learning. Meeting people outside of their own rhythm, or just getting to spend time with people from their own workplace or family place or neighborhood in different contexts. One of the main components of our small one hour of the whole week is to think about what happens when you pay attention to a specific topic and it shifts perception and it shifts your reality. It shifts perception of what you're paying attention to and experiencing, and I think as a whole that's something that Design Week does for the city." —Rebecca Gates

We asked Rebecca to share her personal Design Week Portland itinerary favorites with us. Her collection reflects interests in city infrastructure, music, community, and social design, with events like Community-Centered Design Sprint, Resilient Infrastructures and Just Cities, and Exploring the Undocumented Narrative Through Art.

For more suggestions, check out her full itinerary.

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