Owen Jones is a creative agency, a design studio, a strategy practice, a writing lab, a content producer, a dev shop and an experience curator. That is to say, they are a brand agency with the skills, experience and people to help great brands do greater things.

To make walking into a room full of people you don’t know a little more comfortable, Owen Jones invites you to SOFT—an open house with soft drinks, soft music, and soft spaces. You'll have some chill time to chat with design-minded folks and take a break.

Read on for our Q&A with Owen Jones to find out a little more about their open house and their Design Week plans.

DWP: Could you tell us a little about why you chose a "soft" theme this year?

Owen Jones: We know what it’s like to work in an industry that always seems to be on fire. To provide a breath of fresh air, we want to create a place where everyone can feel comfortable and have a little fun. After all, Owen Jones is full of people who lean toward the soft and sensitive side of things. As a creative agency, we are more concerned with the humanity of design and the humans on our staff.

DWP: What recent projects are you excited about that folks might want to ask you about (softly, of course)?

Owen Jones: Recently, we have been most excited about The Life Story website and Sneaker Ball.

Sneaker Ball is a formal celebration during Black History Month organized by Nike’s Black Employee Network. Paired with the Equality campaign, this year’s theme was “Until We All Win.” It focused on the personal stories of athletes and how sports can provide a stage for social change. Our job was to craft the environmental design and create an experience that would celebrate and inspire a movement.

A few weeks ago, we launched The Life Story—a website we concepted, built, designed and developed in partnership with Brew Advisors, Dean and Donohoe, and Vermilion Films. The goal was to educate people about the realities of commercial sexual exploitation. This was a major accomplishment for an issue that weighed heavy on our hearts.

DWP: What Design Week events are you looking forward to?

Owen Jones: Giant Astronaut—we love talking experiential content just as much as the next geek.

An Open Conversation on Designing for Good—one of the core values at Owen Jones is to go above and beyond to do the right thing, always. We can’t wait to be inspired by other agencies and designers who feel the same way.

Hyperlocal Social Innovation with PSU & Design for America—Solving local social problems? With design? And community collaboration? At PSU? Sign us up.

Portland State Graphic Design—We wouldn’t miss an opportunity to connect with local design students. Especially when one of our own, Ethan Allen Smith, is an adjunct professor for the PSU design program.

Open House Details

Where: Owen Jones, 408 NW 5th Ave
When: Tuesday, April 17 2018, 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Cost: Free

Visit their open house listing to register, or check out the full listing of NW open houses to plan a perfect evening of open house visits!