Pioneer Millworks

We're working to support young artists, giving them another platform to celebrate the story of reclaimed wood. Following a theme of 'Reading the Grain', we'll have each maker's creation on display during our open house.

Wood is a timeless material that is often used in traditional ways. With our technologically-advanced society we’re noticing a desire to pull-back to a simpler time of historical craftsmanship. By using reclaimed wood in modern design, we are able to unite the two worlds and visually express this desire.

While you're visiting, take a walk on our reclaimed wood in our Design Studio and check out samples ranging from timbers salvaged from Centennial Mills to wine vat planks from local wineries.

We started reclaiming old wood 26 years ago, falling head over heels for its history, beauty, and quality. Since then, we've rescued 26 million board feet from landfills, rot, and other sad endings. From the hand-hewn agricultural and industrial timbers America was built on to weathered siding and mineral-cured vat stock, our craftsmen give this extraordinary wood new life as wide-plank flooring, siding, cabinetry, doors, and more in a way that's worthy of the wood's story.