Dramatic Changes: The Center for Sound Relationships

You're invited to join Dramatic Changes: The Center for Sound Relationships in our brand new home. Founded by local symphony musician, improv actress, and licensed therapist Anna Schaum, this is the place for people seeking positive change in their personal, professional, and societal relationships. Through healing and entertaining psycho-educational events and classes, DC:CSR aspires to activate empathy and holistic prosperity for all who cross our threshold. Our research focus is the emerging field of Interpersonal Neurobiology, where terms like resonance, attunement, and synchronization describe the functionality of our nervous systems in relationship with self and others. We are thrilled to be moving into our permanent 3000 sq. ft. space in the NW Industrial area, and we invite the DWP community to join us.

We're about preserving our humanity, creating social resiliency through intersections of the arts, sciences, soma-psychological, and relational health.

There's no organization quite like us. Come see.

Open House Activities:

Remodel slideshow
Paintings and reflective process by Gael Nance
Live Bach on the hour by Anna Schaum
Food by Habibi, beer and wine