Giant Astronaut

Giant Astronaut invites you to visit our studio location this April 25th!

Come experience high-end VR on both the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive, from 4-7pm. Chat with our artists, developers, and narrative specialists. What kind of work do we do?

Gaming? Yep!
Architecture? Yep!
Product tie-ins? Check!
Science and education? Oh yes!
Immersive storytelling? You bet your sweet pie hole.
Cutting edge weird artsy stuff that nobody can explain? Yes yes yes.

From virtual to augmented reality to 360 video, we at Giant Astronaut specialize in immersive design. We build experiences for ad agencies, film studios, brands, and businesses. But, in the end, our goal is simply to do bad-ass work with bad-ass people. That’s you! (Yes it is.)

Whether it’s your first time in VR, or you’re a seasoned pro, let’s geek out hardcore together. Let’s talk shop. We love what we do, we're excited to share, and we’re excited to listen.

Come have fun. Drinks are on us!