Oblation Papers & Press

Oblation Papers & Press is an urban paper mill, letterpress print shop,
hand-bindery and fine retail paper boutique, founded by Ron and
Jennifer Rich in 1989. Our wholesale line of academic, amusing,
artisanal paper goods, including our subsidiary, the Hat+Wig+Glove
Company are made exclusively in Portland, Oregon.

We employ traditional techniques to make sheets of cotton paper by hand using recycled remnants from the garment industry. Letterpress printing reflects an era of quality and craftsmanship. This historic method of printing uses raised type and images, inked and pressed into the surface of heavy papers. Sheets are fed, one at a time, by hand into cast iron platen presses. Some presses in our letterpress studio date back over 100 years. For each order our production staff creates individual plates on location, prints with soy based inks, and finishes every piece by hand.

We will provide tours of our urban paper mill and letterpress print shop to participants of Design Week.