Poppy & Finch Work(Shop)

Celebrate Poppy & Finch Work(Shop)'s Spring grand opening! We're a humble space dedicated to nature, sustainability, design, education, and community, inspired by the PNW's native botany beauty. During the open house, you will enjoy our thriving educational native garden, its habitat, rain barrels, bird-watching, educational books/resources/videos, and home/garden gift items including our custom, one-of-a-kind habitat center-pieces in a re-purposed planter, found object or pottery from local ceramicists.

We will have a demonstration on how to make a habitat center-piece starting at 5.30pm (it will be auctioned to benefit the Fields Creek restoration). A selection of native plants provided by Bosky Dell Natives will be displayed and available for purchase. Our vision is to educate community through our workshops and cultivate joy through our locally crafted products around the importance of ecosystem that native plants provide. Poppy & Finch was born from the perfect marriage of my graphic design background meets my passion of native plants.

You can ask questions about the process of designing and installing a native garden from April Jamison, landscape designer from Garden Ecology and using permaculture design principles from our local docents, Matt Bibeau and Julian Dominic from Witch Hazel Designs! Learn about design from nature's beauty and functions. We hope you leave feeling inspired to create your own habitat.

You're also invited to write messages, notes or quotes at our "Spring of Hope," a re-purposed vintage bed-spring garden structure. Snacks (by Her Garden Kitchen) and drinks (by Roots & Crowns) infused by native plant ingredients will be served.