Skyline Studio

For the past 20 years, I’ve been a freelance writer, and for the past 2 years, I’ve been focused on writing and working in the cannabis space.

And since consumption of cannabis is only legal in a private residence in Oregon, I have commissioned The Good Mod to create a custom modular system so I can host all types of private gatherings in my 1-bedroom apartment. TGM’s design will also allow me to use every corner of my 650-sq-ft space to showcase the best products, practices, brands, and design in cannabis.

I’m calling this project “Live/Work/Weed,” and it’s being sponsored by FARMA, repeatedly voted the best dispensary in Oregon. On that note, my other sponsor is Victoria Starr, aka Relish Guru, a renown pharmacist-turned-cannabis activist-turned-cookbook author—the woman puts the viva in bon vivant.

Cannabis is experiencing a design revolution, and that revolution is taking place everyday in homes like mine. But really, I just want to open my door so that visitors have a chance to view cannabis through a science-forward lens. While enjoying delicious food and drink and weed in an intimate, relaxed environment. Portland-style.

In addition to my open-consumption Open House on April 17, I’ll be hosting gatherings for our design-community visitors all week. Plus, added bonus, I have a spectacular view of the downtown skyline and Mt. Hood. Please stop by and come see for yourself.