We are open to Any Open house you would like us to host or collaborate with.
We have deep knowlege on the subjects of
Oregons architectural history and evolution
Oregon interios uniqueness
The cityscape and design policy
Creating a business and daily operation and involvement
Creating community in your chosen design field
Gorgeous pairings, how the historic enriches modern design
Designing a collaborative paradigm
Just starting out, what it teally takes to be an srchitect or designer
Working with film and production companies

With a deep connection to our maker and fabricator communitiea and a daily emphasis on the products and services which speak to the Oregon emphasis of the modern on-trend pairing with historic roots and origin stories.

As a marketplace we offer a contantly changing 25,000 sq ft retail space, design services, fabrication services, estate services, a community art gallery, an industrial photo and video studio, fashion shows, maker events, visiting vendor boutiques featuring hand made local or international offerings, free community space for achool art events and more

Friday, April 12

4:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Studio Architecture Education Urban Design