Itinerary: Katie Johnson

I'm passionate about designing interactive content for people. I became interested in UX design in 2010 when my roommate at the time ran two rooms in our flat as Airbnb rooms. It was remarkable to meet the people who stayed there. In particular, the person who stands out is a woman who came to San Francisco on business as a futurist from Israel. I was awestruck by the way she thought about problems and ideas.

Following this feeling of being awestruck, I started a contract user research role with Airbnb, and then Skillshare. I did experiential prototyping to launch Skillshare in San Francisco - a new market for them at the time. I began designing the Hikery - a for day hikes. After a soft launch, I presented it to the Sierra Club’s national leadership team as a membership engagement tool.

Since I began practicing user experience design in 2011, I’ve worked at a diverse set of companies: several early growth stage startup, an agency and a large, established company. My experience has given me the practical skills and knowledge to make an impact in a variety of organizations.

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