Itinerary: Mike Conover

I moved to Portland in the end of October and am looking to connect with likeminded designers, planners, architects, scientists, farmers, artists, you name it. I recently finished a Masters program in ecological design and sustainable land-planning at the Conway School and am currently working as an ecological landscape designer for Blossom, a design-build firm that specializes in edible landscaping, stormwater management, and native plants.

My main interest at this point is helping people incorporate regenerative agricultural and agro-ecological practices into their home landscapes. If it involves foodscaping, ecological design, permaculture, or net-zero development, I'm interested.

At a larger scale I want to be designing agroforestry systems as a land-based, long-term form of investment for regenerative food production, watershed health, carbon sequestration, and landscape scale ecological restoration. These are tree-based, biodiverse agricultural systems for nut production, timber, and a wide variety of yields, making them highly resilient in the face of climate change, peak-oil, and an increasingly complex globalized industrial agricultural model.

In a nutshell (probably chestnut) - how we can design our lifestyles, homes, neighborhoods, farms, and cities to function more in harmony with the non-human world using biology, environmental science, and ecology for inspiration?



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