Itinerary: Sheila Embers

I've just learned about this event and I'm fascinated by the learning opportunities that would be available at this conference. I have a bachelors degree in Apparel Design and Textile Sciences, and I've been working in my field of study since I graduated. I've been work as a custom dress designer and production manager for several competitive ballroom dress making companies for the last 10 years. I'm currently in my first year of going back to school at MHCC for Graphic Design and am fortunate enough to be learning from some very knowledgable teachers. My main teacher, Dale Gronso, is a working Graphic designer and is well know within the Portland design community, and also my advisor, and he was the one that suggested that I look in to this opportunity. I'm hoping to eventually work within the technical apparel design department of one of the major athletic apparel companies in Portland. I'm hoping that I can volunteer in the graphic design and apparel events at this conference, but I would be interested in helping in many other areas as well.



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